Belt type bucket elevators

Belt type bucket elevator designs using textile or steel reinforced belts transport materials dust-free without difficulty, even to great heights and are especially suitable for the continuous vertical conveyance of free flowing bulk materials. Suitable adaptations are made to handle coarse-grained or higher temperature materials.

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RUD belt bucket elevators offer advantages in the following applications when:
• large centre distances are required
• higher conveying capacity is needed,
• smooth running of the traction mechanism is required
• very abrasive materials are conveyed (quartz, sand, corundum)
• use in explosion protection areas is required

Other advantages:
• Bucket elevator housings are self-supporting
• Belt bucket conveyors carry items smoothly and without generating dust even at greater conveying heights
• almost noiseless running

• If great heigths have to be overcome
• For the continuous vertical conveying of ladled bulk goods
• For transporting coarse-grained or temperature-sensitive goods

Drive drum

the RUD drive drum design, with a cylindrical central section and laterally decreasing diameter, ensures:

• Uniform load distribution across the width of the belt
• Low wear on the friction lining
• Stable running of the belt and so
• A longer service life for the bett

Drive drum

The RUD drive drum design with interchangeable friction lining:

• The friction lining is easily exchangeable when worn
• It can be exchanged without removing the drum or opening the belt
• This makes it easier to maintain and so
• Reduces down times
• The segments can be re-used after replacing the rubber

Parallel tension unit ensures

• Automatic extension compensation of the belt
• A low pretension force and so low loading
• Stable running of the belt
• A maintenance-free design

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