Drive technology For Sluice Gates

Steel construction for hydraulic engineering – Efficient pressure resistant securing of safety gates. 

Sluice gates are closed by safety gates in barrages, waterway crossings, or port facilities. Lockable sluice chambers, which are used for impounding watercourses and locks, are used as a connecting element of waterways, barrier locks in dams, canal locks to regulate water levels and flows, as well as in fish migration gates and retention basins for drinking water supply. The reliable operation of the sluice gates, which are under high water pressure, is of paramount importance. The easy, tight, fine-tuned, and careful opening and closing of such lift gates, lifting gates, underflow gates or sliding gates can be ensured by the TECDOS PI-GAMMA drive technology system.

RUD Solution:
TECDOS round link chain
TECDOS end fixing